How Does A Library Management System Work?

AI powered library management system

pin up Maintaining records in a library can be a daunting task, especially if it is done manually. Many different types of records need to be kept track of, not only books but also magazines, DVDs, and more. Each type of record has extra information that needs to be tracked.  Maintaining all these records by […]

How is ERP College Management Software Beneficial For Institute Management?

College Management ERP Software

pin up Technology has enabled educators to take greater control of their educational institutions. It allows them to oversee multiple areas and departments within an organisation simultaneously. Technology has made it easier for teachers to concentrate on what they excel at: teaching and not managing administrative tasks. The mayhem of handling extensive data, which colleges […]

6 Features Every College ERP System Must Have

College ERP System

pin up Every college deals with a multitude of data and information almost daily. Processing such vast data effectively requires specifically designed resources. Colleges are always looking for ways to save money and time, which leads to an overall increase in the college’s efficiency.  One perfect way to do this is by using ERP software. […]

How to Start An Online Coaching Business

Start Online Coaching Business

You Got The Skill!! We Got The Platform mostbet The world at large has witnessed a significant increase in the adoption of digital technologies since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Numbers do not lie, as they show that there has been a substantial increase in the adoption of digital technologies during the pandemic. The […]

Top 5 Online Teaching Apps in India

Top 5 Online Teaching Apps in India

pin up The dynamism of technology transformed phones into smartphones and traditional learning into E-learning. Pandemic or not, E-learning has laid a strong foundation for it to continue to grow manifolds. The digital age has ushered in a new era of teaching where we no longer have to be confined to the traditional classroom, with […]

Introducing Edumatica – The Complete End-To-End Teaching Solution

Edumatica Online Teaching Platform

4rabet Individual tutors and small-to-medium sized coaching institutes have always struggled to adopt the latest technologies for their teaching methodologies. It could be either because of the expenses involved in bringing in digital transformation, concerns with real estate or just the idea of venturing into a hybrid solution.  Regardless, their ambitions for more enriching sessions […]

How Is EdTech Changing The Indian Education Industry?


slots 4rabet An Insight of the EdTech Industry. The current and predicted stats for the Indian EdTech industry are superb, assuring a promising and bright future. The growth spurt in this industry is primarily driven by K-12 Segment, higher education, and upskilling categories. It is estimated to have received $16.1B in VC funding, a 32X […]

5 Reasons You Should Integrate EdTech In Your Classroom

EdTech In Your Classroom

Technology has been revolutionizing every industry around the world and education is no exception. The concept of integrated technology in classrooms is nothing new as most of us are familiar with computer-assisted teaching. It has been in practice for over two decades. However, in the last couple of years, we have been experiencing the dawn […]

Automate Your Institution’s Invoice and Fee Management System

Online Fees Management

The automated fee collection software is specifically programmed to manage the functions and computations of fees. The system automatically warns the institution admins about errors and prevents incorrect invoices from entering work progress or the backend system. The admins can customize the allocation of fee collection tasks, and, if necessary, make any necessary changes. Thus, […]