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LMS Simplified

LMS Simplified - Gen-X LMS

Learning Management System is becoming an integral part of any educational activity. Starting from individual coaches/teachers to a large school or education campus, everyone is looking for implementing a modern LMS system.

Gen-X LMS is a modern LMS system that is part of Edumatic’s ecosystem. It’s designed considering the needs for simplicity, a Mobile first approach, and a dynamic environment to bring the next level of teaching-learning experience.

Course Management

Our LMS system is the perfect medium to connect your teachers and students, empowering them with a structured academic calendar and scheduler. Plan your work and work your plan!

Plan your calendar.
Create Micro-schedule.
Publish Schedule.
Share & Monitor Schedule.


Course Material

Course Material

Edumatica’s Software helps share learning content in organized lesson planning mode for convenient access from students.

Teachers can share learning materials and documents in an organized and effective form of a digital library of learning materials. Students can explore the material through effective filters to access concerned subject/topic-related resources. Teachers can convert their handwritten or typed content into effective PDF documents, record Videos, or add other videos, and audio Links to share with students through the platform.

Course Material

Live Classes

Conducting online live classes has become a common thing in today’s time. However, when an educational organization wants to do it effectively with data records and analysis, having it integrated part of the Learning Management System becomes crucial.

Edumatica has created its own environment to take online classes. On the other hand with other tools like Zoom, Google meet, etc. it’s very difficult to understand the progress of live classes happening in the organization. Through this software, it became very easy for the teachers to manage. Also, students/parents can access the schedules of live classes and attends them effectively.

Live Classes

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Online Tests & Assignments

Assessment & Assignments

Our system enables 360-degree assessments, which helps your teacher to provide corrective instructions and do performance evaluations of your students for improved learning outcomes.

Question Paper generation.
An Online Objective Assessment.
Online Assignment Creation & Submission.
Automated Publication of Results.

Proctored Exams Module

Online exam management software has emerged as an important edTech tool nowadays as it minimizes the hassles of traditional paper-pen-based written exams by simplifying & automating the exam management process & providing quick result evaluation and publishing.

The advanced proctoring-technology enriched LMS enables faculty to conduct safe & secure online examinations as well as mock tests to make students ready for the final exams beforehand.

Procreated Exam
Reposting & Dashboard

Reporting & Dashboards

Our AI-based reports and analytics-enabled individual dashboards make it easy for you and your students to gain insights and recommendations for improved learning outcomes.

Individual dashboards for

Students  Parents   

Teachers  Administrators

Reposting & Dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

For Colleges/Universities attempting to achieve Academic excellence, learning management systems are designed to identify learning gaps. It is an online system that enables you to track, monitor, and measure course delivery, and teacher and student progress.

A learning management system empowers institutions with tools and techniques to monitor teacher efficacy and student progress. It helps you to stay connected with your institution even when you are away from it.

The following list depicts the best features of learning management system (LMS) that institutions must look for-

  1. Student data management and tracking.
  2. Online exams – MCQs & descriptive
  3. Centralized database.
  4. Relevant & vast e-content
  5. Student performance evaluation
  6. Personalized communication platform
  7. Reports & Dashboard.

The key benefits of a Cloud LMS are

  • User-friendly
  • Effective
  • Learning anytime, anywhere enabled
  • Academic Governance online
  • Transparency and Collaboration between students and Teachers
  • Save time for management, students, and teachers
  • Easy to manage users, roles, courses, teachers, students and generate reports
  • No additional software program needed

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