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Cloud Based Student Information Management System

Manage the entire student lifecycle from Admissions to Graduation from the cloud. Redefine Education System with Edumatica one of the most comprehensive College Management ERP Platform.

Registration Process

A Smooth & Convenient Online
Admission Process

Simplify your admission process by making it efficient and easy with our admission management system. The online Admissions Management Software automates the whole admissions and enrolment process impossibly simple and quick. With too many applicants, managing students’ admission-related procedures is very essential and critical in educational institutions such as colleges and universities. The purpose of a college/ university admission management system is to offer help to the administration.

Easy Course Registration

Seamless Online applications and course registration systems make the admission process a cakewalk for both the college/Universities and the students. Using our system college can manage Student Course Selection, Merit List Generation, Live Tracking of Admission Status & Online Fees Payment.

Instant communication on course amendments, withdrawals, or any other academic matter can be taken as a quick decision with the support of an appropriate student Data management system.

Easy Course Registration
Online Assignments & Assessments

Online Assignments & Assessment

Edumatica’s cutting-edge online assessment management software has built-in workflow automation that supports all kinds of assessment creation including online, offline, competency-based, and outcome-based with a simple configuration.

With customizable assessment rules, institutions can easily plan and design assessments of their choice and instantly evaluate, followed by real-time student performance data analysis for remediation & improvement.

Online Assignments & Assessments

Online Fee Management

Managing fees effectively and digitally has become a necessity for every College or University. Having a middling solution can result in a lot of problems at the reports or management level. Every College needs a robust and effective fee and finance management system in today’s time.

We are pleased to share that when it comes to fee management software for colleges or universities, Edumactia is the best in the industry.

Online Fee Management
Library Management & HR

Library Management Software

Our College Management ERP Software aims to provide customers with a platform to improve their student’s scholarly talent by developing an Online & Offline Library Management System tool. Library increases the collective creativity of students, highlighting the library’s perspective to make sense of changing times which can be managed in a better way using the latest technology.

Library Management System is a part of the College Management System which focuses on specific issues faced by libraries and their operating professionals/librarians.

Library Management & HR

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Other Features of SIS

For any college to run their administrative processes systematically, the faculty must opt for an efficient College Administration System and get the following benefits.

Admission Management

Online Student Registration.
Student Course Selection.
Merit List Generation.
Live Tracking of Admission Status.
Online Fees Payment.

Attendance Management

Automatic Attendance Record.
Attendance through App/web.
Lab Attendance
Attendance Reports.
Absent/Present SMS alert.

Academic Management

Lesson Planning.
Lesson Progress Tracking.
Classwork & Homework.
Exam Management.

Student Management System

Student Profile and Documents.
Parents & Guardian details.
Id card and Certificates.
Detailed Profile & Progress Tracking.
Progress Report.

Fees Management System

Simplified Fee Collection Process.
Online Fees Payment Facility for Parents.
Manage Online & Offline Payments.
Customizable & Advance Reporting.
Highly Secure and Reliable.

Reports Module

Exam & Attendance Reports.
User data Reports.
Custom Reports.
Fees Reports.
Staff & HR Reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Information System is a platform where all information related to a student lifecycle is maintained. It is a single Platform accommodating necessary details such as admissions, course registrations, assessments, student services, and fee management.

ERP software helps colleges & HEIs to manage their daily tasks, internal and external resources, control processes like fee payment, library, transport, student enrollments and management, courses and curriculum, exams and results, teacher and other employee management, lectures, and more.

Edumatica is the best management system for tracking attendance. Teachers can reach out to parents instantly through messages when a student is absent from the class. Analyzing attendance trends is also possible with this technology in place.

The purpose of student management systems is to smoothen the process of maintaining relationships between College and students. It is a tool that intends to combine technology in providing better services to students.

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