Introducing Edumatica – The Complete End-To-End Teaching Solution



Individual tutors and small-to-medium sized coaching institutes have always struggled to adopt the latest technologies for their teaching methodologies. It could be either because of the expenses involved in bringing in digital transformation, concerns with real estate or just the idea of venturing into a hybrid solution. 

Regardless, their ambitions for more enriching sessions and scalable growth have mostly been unreachable. 

Until now!

Yes, today, educators and coaching businesses around the world have one of the most convenient solutions to conduct seamless classes and experience a host of tech-driven benefits in their classroom sessions. 

We are elated to announce the launch of our flagship teaching platform Edumatica – the end-to-end AI-powered solution that is designed to make teaching more impactful. 

What Is Edumatica?

The idea with Edumatica is straightforward. It is developed for contemporary educators, keeping in mind the struggles they face on a daily basis to conduct classes in a post-pandemic world. 

So far, we know you’ve been juggling multiple apps like messengers, video conferencing tools and Google drives to take classes, send assignments and notes and more. 

From now on, you don’t need any of these. You only need one platform – Edumatica – to pave the way for optimized learning. 

Curious about the features? Let’s explore them in detail. 

Why Edumatica?

Collaborate Smarter

Tools like Zoom and Google Meet for live online classes are good but they aren’t designed for educational purposes. They need a stable internet connection and come with high bandwidth requirements, which is not practical everywhere. If you’ve been using a makeshift setup with mobile internet, you need a platform that can support your limitations and turn them into your strengths. 

That’s where Edumatica comes in. It is designed to function seamlessly even in less bandwidth so you can conduct uninterrupted sessions without any lag. With the platform, no more asking, “Can you hear me?”

Also, the platform also allows you to send recordings of your live sessions to your students after each session. 

Share Content Instantly

We understand that your notes, journals and study materials are all over the place. If you have multiple batches across different subjects, managing notes and materials for each batch, session and standard is tedious. 

That’s why Edumatica acts as a centralized system to let you share all your notes and materials instantly with your students. Apart from conventional notes, you can also share multimedia files like videos, images, infographics, PDF documents and more.

Thanks to Edumatica, your students can access their notes from any system or device they use to learn. 

Conduct Assessments Autonomously

If you spend countless hours setting up question papers for your assessments and then a few more hours evaluating them, Edumatica makes your life easy with its automated modules. 

Now, you simply have to specify the subject, the topic and the difficulty level and the platform will automatically create an assessment for you. We have uploaded an extensive question bank on the platform, which we frequently update as well. Besides, the platform is also programmed to evaluate the assessments and generate instant performance reports of individual students. 

Mark Attendance Automatically

Research reveals that tutors spend almost seven minutes every session marking attendance. This takes time off their limited schedule to conduct classes and actually teach concepts. 

If you have derivations and theorems planned for a session, you need the entire duration of the class. Marking attendance only restrains your teaching time. That’s why Edumatica addresses this hurdle and automates the process of marking attendance. 

With this feature, the portal automatically marks attendance based on screen time and generates an extensive report every day. With that taken care of, you can focus only on teaching from now on. 

Fee Management System:

Every month, tutors and institutes face a unanimous challenge of collecting fees from their students and generating invoices and receipts, Edumatica offer flawless fee management and invoice generation system with many other features to manage your institute or freelance tuition services . If poorly managed, you could lose out on a few payments as well. That’s why the platform sends automatic alerts and reminders to students and their guardians on fees payment.

In fact, it goes a step further and even sends a payment link to let them pay instantly. With reports and invoices generated automatically, you have no work to do with respect to collecting fees and payments. 

A Complete End-To-End Solution

Apart from these major benefits, Edumatica also allows you to conduct classes over a virtual whiteboard so you no longer have to use offline whiteboards, let someone else hold the camera while you conduct classes and other such hurdles. 

You can write on the virtual whiteboard and instantly share that as a note as well. With Edumatica, you can also automate reminders and send them to students to remind them of upcoming classes, assignments, assessments and more. 

Wrapping Up

The best part is Edumatica is independent of your device. Meaning, you can conduct classes from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. You could also conduct each session from a distinct device and you will still have the same teaching experience. The same goes for students as well. 

Educamatica is designed to streamline communication with guardians as well. Real-time reports and insights let them have a commendable control over their kids’ academics and performances. 

This is as revolutionary as it gets and this is the most ideal time to capitalize on the current situation and take your coaching business online with Edumatica. 

The platform is now live and awaits you to experience its awesomeness. We recommend signing up for a free trial and personally understand the difference Edumatica can bring to your operations. 

We can’t wait to welcome you onboard.  Download free online teaching app from Google play store, also available in apple store