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Start Your Online Classes In 4 Simple Steps

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Enter your email ID and your phone number to register for free.

Add Students

Add your students and their guardians for auto- invitation to create their free account.

Create Courses/Batches

Segregate your students into batches, create and maintain batch-wise timetables.

Go Live

Conduct unlimited sessions. Record your live classes and share with students.

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Experience online coaching journey with Edumatica. You can view how Edumatica is designed for ultimate online classroom experience. Gear up to bring in total digital transformation to your coaching.

Our Platform Offering

For Individual Tutors

  • No real estate required
  • Eliminate complex and expensive audio & video solutions
  • No more unorganized sharing of study materials both offline and online
  • Better communication between tutors, students and guardians
  • Tutors can provide Individual attention to students

For Coaching Institutes

Access to
Zero Investment
On Classroom
  • Zero investment on classroom real estate and infrastructure
  • Seamless process of fees collection and automated payment alerts, reminders to students & guardians
  • Global expansion and diversification are possible now
  • Adding new batches, tutors and conducting sessions are just a click away
  • Streamlined communication between institute, students and guardians

For Schools

Approach to
  • Experience distraction-free learning environment
  • Students no longer have to commute but learn from the comfort of their home
  • Immediate access to notes, study and reference materials
  • Class assessment through data analytics and charts of academic performance

Powerhouse of Features

Smart Collaboration Ecosystem

Built to accommodate low bandwidth, now have uninterrupted sessions with optimum video and voice clarity at all times.

Smart Content

Sharing references, study materials, course content, assignments and more is just a simple click away.

Smart Assessment Management

Conduct instant online assessment across subjects and topics from our inbuilt question bank. Share real time feedback with guardians and much more.

Smart Attendance Management

Let Edumatica mark student attendance automatically while you can focus on conducting your classes.

Smart Payment Management

Say goodbye to the offline payment. With an automated payment system, you can send alerts, reminders and collect payments easily through diverse online payment methods.

End-To-End Student Management

Know your students individually through custom performance insights. Make way for personalized learning outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting your own online teaching academy with Edumatica is very easy. In fact, it involves just four simple steps.
  • Register with your email ID and phone number
  • Invite your students and their guardians
  • Create courses and batches
  • Start conducting classes
You can also go live with your sessions from any of your devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones which are enabled over Android and iOS apps.
Edumatica offers a host of features and modules designed to make your tutoring process simple. To give you a quick idea, here are the features:
  • Smart Collaboration Ecosystem, where you can conduct classes even in low bandwidth, record classes, share a virtual whiteboard and do more
  • Smart Assessment Management, where you can conduct quick assessments across topics and subjects by pulling questions from our preloaded question banks
  • Smart Content Sharing, where you can share course materials and even multimedia files
  • Smart Attendance Management, where our AI-driven systems automatically mark attendance based on students’ screen time and attention spans
  • Smart Payment Management, where you can streamline fees collection for your students and send alerts and reminders
  • End-to-end student management, where you can assess the performance of your students (collectively and individually), involve guardians, share reports and more
You can invite your students and start your classes on the Edumatica platform. Additionally, Edumatica provides a Guardian Login access to keep track of their children’s progress.
If you are from an Institute, administrators from your institute will get access to manage the platform.
You can create a batch by clicking on the Add Batch button. You would be auto assigned with a Batch ID. Type your students’ details and request them to log in and enter your class with the assigned Batch ID.
Yes. Recorded classroom sessions are available for tutors and students on their Edumatica account. It can be accessed and streamed from anywhere and on any device using an Edumatica account.
Download option is not available to ensure copyright protection of your data that you would share on the Edumatica platform.
Yes. Your students or their guardians can make online payments using the integrated Edumatica Smart Payment system.
Edumatica allows you to conduct live classes even in low bandwidth internet connectivity. However, we recommend users have a stable internet connectivity for uninterrupted sessions.
Edumatica ensures optimum data security on our platform through Firewall, SSL certificate and advanced servers with latest updates and patches. To know in detail how your data is stored and accessed and understand data security, contact us at hello@edumatica.io

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