How Is EdTech Changing The Indian Education Industry?


An Insight of the EdTech Industry. The current and predicted stats for the Indian EdTech industry are superb, assuring a promising and bright future. The growth spurt in this industry is primarily driven by K-12 Segment, higher education, and upskilling categories. It is estimated to have received $16.1B in VC funding, a 32X increase from […]

5 Reasons You Should Integrate EdTech In Your Classroom

EdTech In Your Classroom

Technology has been revolutionizing every industry around the world and education is no exception. The concept of integrated technology in classrooms is nothing new as most of us are familiar with computer-assisted teaching. It has been in practice for over two decades. However, in the last couple of years, we have been experiencing the dawn […]

Automate Your Institution’s Invoice and Fee Management System

Online Fees Management

Keeping track of the accounts and fees at an educational institute requires time and a great deal of effort. Managing everything manually or through an outdated system is not only time-consuming but also chaotic and frustrating. Therefore, the use of a smart invoice and fee management system is generally recommended as it reduces the burden […]